Historical Source Material - Japanese War Crimes


The titles and web-sites below that deal with Japanese atrocities against prisoners of war and civilian captives may contain material that children would find disturbing.


"The Knights of Bushido - A Short History of Japanese War Crimes" by Lord Russell of Liverpool (1958).

This classic work was written by a British Deputy Judge Advocate who was actually involved in German war crimes trials at the end of WW II. This work is essential reading on the topic of Japanese war atrocities, and is highly recommended.

"Prisoners of the Japanese" by Gavan Daws (1994), published by William Morrow; reprinted 2004 by Scribe Publication, Melbourne.

This is a powerful book that covers in searing detail the horrors inflicted on Allied POWs throughout East Asia and the Pacific. It is highly recommended.

"Horror in the East" by Laurence Rees (2001).

This title was produced as a book and an acclaimed BBC historical series. The forcing of young female captives to submit to sexual slavery in Japanese Army brothels is covered in this carefuly documented account of Japanese brutality towards captives and prisoners of war.

"The Rape of Nanking" by Iris Chang (1997).

This book must cause the reader to wonder how an ancient culture such as Japan's could produce soldiers who could sink to the depths of depravity described by Iris Chang.

Highly recommended for adults, but the content requires a warning that children could find this book very disturbing.


"Hirohito and the Making of Modern Japan" by Professor Herbert P. Bix (2000).

This extraordinary history of Hirohito won a Pulitzer prize. It is essential reading for anyone who ever believed that Hirohito was a war criminal who escaped justice.


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