Historical Source Material


"Day of Infamy", by Walter Lord, published by Peribo.

"At Dawn we Slept", by Gordon W. Prange, published by McGraw Hill.

"December 7, 1941", Gordon W. Prange et al., published by McGraw Hill.

"Infamy: Pearl Harbor and its Aftermath", by John Toland, published 2001 by Penguin.

"Target: Pearl Harbor", by Michael Slackman, published 2001 by Pimlico.

"Air Raid:Pearl Harbor", ed. Paul Stillwell, published by USNI Press.

Large Format Books in Colour and Black and White

"Pearl Harbor", by H.P. Willmott, published 2001 by Cassell & Co.

"Pearl Harbor - The Day of Infamy", by Dan van der Vat, published 2001 by Allen & Unwin


"Tora! Tora! Tora!" (1970)

This superb 20th Century Fox film is a gripping and historically accurate account of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the events that preceded it. Available on DVD and video.

"Pearl Harbor"

This film has been criticised for its numerous historical inaccuracies, and in particular, when it deals with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Others claim that the film never purported to be historically accurate, and that it is simply an old-fashioned silver screen romance with an exciting recreation of Pearl Harbor tacked on the end. Watch both films, and you be the judge! It is available on DVD and video.


Naval Historical Center at www.history.navy.mil/index.html

On the Naval Historical Center's Home Page, select "Photographic Section" under "BRANCHES" and go to the "Online Library of Selected Images". This excellent site has extensive text and pictorial coverage of Pearl Harbor,the Battles of Coral Sea and Midway, and much more.